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Free for All Friday

It’s been SOOOO long, but you’ll forgive an infrequent blogger his yearly return to blogging, won’t you?

I’ve been struggling with the proliferation of information and our IMMEDIATE ability to weigh in on that information with our opinions and ideas.

SO – question: Has the smartphone era, by allowing us instant access to a space in which to voice our every opinion, actually hindered our ability to consider what comes from our mouths (fingertips)?

Instant response is GREAT for the following: “You want whip with your Mocha?” “They’re out of grape, how about strawberry?” “Can you come over for dinner?”

Instant responses on the weightier issues in life seem to be appearing drenched in reaction as opposed to consideration and dialogue.

Your turn:

Free Sacrifice

Doesn’t the very nature of “sacrifice” mean that it can’t be “free?” Don’t we readily admit that “freedom isn’t free” and that the “sacrifice of our troops” is to be honored? They put their lives in harms way and risk everything to “sacrifice” to secure our freedom.

Let’s apply this idea of “sacrifice” to our participation in the local church in which God has called us become a part. (NOTE: this is not specific to Manna Church, but the “church” in general). As a leader, I often engage with those who “sacrifice” or “volunteer” or even “join our staff” and understand that following God means “taking up our cross” and “sacrificing.” YET, I constantly observe the attitude of “that’s not convenient for me” or “this is asking too much” or “I don’t like doing that; it’s not my call…..”

Did God call us to serve when it worked or when it fit in a schedule? By His death on the cross, He models a different attitude towards “sacrifice.” Look at King David in 1Chronicles 21:24. The plague has broken out against Israel and God has told him to sacrifice an offering at a certain threshing floor. The owner tries to donate the altar and the offering and the entire threshing floor and David responds, “I refuse to offer a sacrifice to my Lord that costs me nothing……” I love David’s heart and, incidentally, so does God as David is referred to throughout the remainder of Scripture as a “man after God’s heart.”

Let this not serve as a condemnation, but instead a challenge. God is faithfully challenging me in the area of sacrifice and this verse has been written in my journal as a charge from God to find more opportunity to sacrifice for Him in my own life. As we do, we follow His example of His sacrifice on the Cross. Let’s give it a whirl….

More vacation photos

All photos taken with iPhone 4S and edited with Snapseed



Vacation photos

All photos take with iPhone 4S and edited with Snapseed







Everything is an audition

“You never get a second chance to make a first impression.”

We’ve all heard that before and we hate to think of always “performing” all the time, but let’s face it……. everything in life is audition.  First impressions are no longer made when we meet someone face to face – thanks to social media, our lives have become ever increasingly transparent and people are/will be forming impressions of us.  What impression are you leaving with others?  Does every Facebook/Twitter post HAVE to be a rant/emotional/veiled/provocative?  Is that the way you are all the time?

Here’s the golden rule: behave the same way whether you are alone, with people, behind people’s backs, on Facebook, in your car, at the grocery store, etc.

BE REAL – everything is an audition and everyone is watching.

Lessons from the Wii

Played Wii with my kids last night.
1. The SLIGHTEST adjustment to a flick from my wrist lead to a win in golf. What slight tweak do you need to make to create an advantage?
2. As the wins/losses went, so went the attitudes. If failure is fatal, pack up and quit. Everybody experiences loss – it’s how we react that’s key.
3. My shoulder got sore playing baseball. Practice/reps build muscles and endurance. Don’t quit right away because there’s slight discomfort.
4. A little device with batteries brings laughs and fun. Stop and smell the roses. My kids are only 3 and 5 for a short while. Invest in what lasts……

The space between

We all have stuff to do and not enough time in which to do it. What margins are you building in your life to ensure that your important work isn’t drowned out by urgent busy-work?
Margin = space = time w nothing planned.

Every brain needs a “reset” every now and again.

Your moment of Zen

Life + Coffee =


Are you looking for work?

Looking for work? What if your potential employer perused your Twitter/FB?
Before you post, it’s not a bad idea to think, “What if this came up in an interview?”

Do you see someone who speaks in haste?
There is more hope for a fool than for them. (Proverbs 29:20 NIV)